174 days of “Israeli” aggression


Published: 2024-03-28 11:22

Last Updated: 2024-04-14 10:33

Palestinian family evacuating with belongings along a street in Gaza City. (March 27, 2024) (Photo: AFP)
Palestinian family evacuating with belongings along a street in Gaza City. (March 27, 2024) (Photo: AFP)

The Israeli Occupation aggression against Gaza has entered its 174th consecutive day, as the Occupation Forces continue carrying out military operations in the densely populated southern border city of Rafah despite international warnings.

The death toll from the aggression has risen to 32,490 martyrs, with 74,889 people injured all since Oct. 7, 2023, according to the daily tally issued by the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

Rafah operation

“Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the military operations in Gaza serve as pressure to release the captives held in the Gaza Strip.

Talking to members of the American Congress, he claimed that civilians could move to northern Gaza during the Rafah operation.

He alleged that “Israel” would ensure the provision of water, food, and medicine for civilians moving away from Rafah, claiming that military pressure has succeeded in releasing many captives held in Gaza.

"Maintaining the support of both the Democratic and Republican parties is crucial, especially in these difficult times,” Netanyahu said.

"Israeli" death toll

The death toll of “Israeli” soldiers has risen to 597 since Oct. 7, 2023, and 253 since the start of the ground invasion of the Strip on Oct. 27, 2023.

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A total of 3,152 “Israeli” soldiers have been injured since the start of the IOF’s aggression against Gaza. Of these, 490 were described as critical, 833 as moderate, and 1,829 as minor.

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