France urges immediate Gaza crossings opening for humanitarian aid


Published: 2024-02-27 20:23

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 16:13

Previous Jordanian-French humanitarian aid airdrop on Gaza
Previous Jordanian-French humanitarian aid airdrop on Gaza

In its announcement on Tuesday, the French Foreign Ministry reiterated France’s call for immediate opening of all Gaza Strip crossings by Tel Aviv and the delivery of substantial amounts of humanitarian aid.

It mentioned France's involvement in a recent joint humanitarian airdrop to Gaza alongside Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE.

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The ministry emphasized France's unwavering commitment to assisting the Gazan population in the face of an escalating humanitarian crisis.

Additionally, the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization, with support from UN Women, dispatched two aircraft loaded with medical supplies to Gaza.

The operation, facilitated by the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jordanian Armed Forces, aimed to deliver over 40 tons of health packages specifically targeted for distribution to women in Gaza.

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