What will weather be like Friday?


Published: 2024-02-16 10:59

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 10:41

What will weather be like Friday?
What will weather be like Friday?

Arabia Weather website predicted that Jordan will experience the effects of a second-degree depression on Friday.

It added that rain clouds are expected to move swiftly towards northern and central regions of Jordan, possibly accompanied by thunderstorms.

The forecast indicates that the rainfall will be more concentrated in intensity and duration in the northern areas.

Arabia Weather warned of continued rainfall across various parts of Jordan throughout Friday.

The website reiterated its caution regarding the formation of torrents and the overflow of valleys, particularly in the northern regions.

Friday's weather is anticipated to be generally cold, with temperatures dropping below the usual levels for this time of year by approximately 2-4 °C. Cloud cover is expected to increase, creating conditions conducive to afternoon rain showers in different parts of the country. The northern regions may experience more consistent rainfall, possibly accompanied by thunder and lightning.

During the night, temperatures will remain cold across most regions, with rainfall intensity diminishing. The weather is expected to range from partly cloudy to cloudy, with scattered rain showers persisting in various parts of the country. Overall, the weather will remain chilly.