One dead in traffic accident in Naour


Published: 2023-12-07 09:11

Last Updated: 2024-06-20 05:00

One dead in traffic accident in Naour
One dead in traffic accident in Naour

One person died Wednesday night after a driver lost control of a freight vehicle on the road between Naour and the Dead Sea, according to a representative from the Highway Patrol Department. 

He explained that the cause of the accident was incorrect handling of turns, leading to the large vehicle crashing and overturning.

Anas Al-Khaldi, a representative of the Central Traffic Department, said that there was also an incident involving the overturning of another freight vehicle carrying iron pipes on Al-Azraq road.

He confirmed that the accident did not result in any injuries.

He pointed out that the piling up of the pipes onto the road caused a temporary disruption in traffic flow.

A diversion was implemented at the site, allowing vehicles to pass in batches before clearing the scene and restoring normal traffic flow.

In Amman, a run-over incident occurred Wednesday resulting in severe injuries to an individual. The reason is that the driver did not take the necessary safety precautions.