LIVE UPDATES: Day six of Operation Aqsa Typhoon, ongoing Israeli Occupation aggression in Gaza


Published: 2023-10-12 08:18

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 17:50

LIVE UPDATES: Day six of Operation Aqsa Typhoon, ongoing Israeli Occupation aggression in Gaza
LIVE UPDATES: Day six of Operation Aqsa Typhoon, ongoing Israeli Occupation aggression in Gaza

Operation Aqsa Typhoon, launched by Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, continues for the sixth consecutive day in response to Israeli Occupation violations in the occupied Palestinian territories, which have been ongoing for decades.

In retaliation, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has launched a campaign against the Gaza Strip, conducting a series of airstrikes in various areas.

Death toll and injury count

Gaza: 1,537 deaths and 6,612 injuries.
Israeli Occupation: 1,400 deaths and over 3,300 injuries.

Key events on day five:

  • Hamas: "We had information indicating that there were post-holiday arrangements to launch an attack against us"
  • IOF declared targeting over 3,600 leadership, control, and infrastructure sites of Hamas
  • IOF: "We will transition to a new phase in our military operations in Gaza
  • Qassam Brigades: "We delivered a missile strike on Sderot with 50 rockets
  • Palestinian Health Ministry: The number of martyrs in the West Bank has risen to 31, with around 180 wounded
  • Qassam Brigades targeted "Beit Shemesh" west of occupied Jerusalem with a rocket barrage
  • Announcement of funeral prayer for the martyrs of Gaza to be held on Friday in Jordan
  • Hebrew media: Five settlers injured as seven rockets fall in "Sderot"
  • Hebrew media: Five Israeli Occupation settlers injured following the fall of seven rockets in Sderot
  • Palestinian Health Ministry: The death toll in Gaza has risen to 1,354 and approximately 6,049 were injured
  • Palestinian Prisoners Club: Israeli Occupation cuts water and electricity to over 5,000 Palestinian detainees in its prisons
  • Qassam Brigades struck "Raime" military base with a missile barrage
  • Media institutions cease operation with partial internet disruption in Gaza
  • Head of Israeli Occupation government: 5,000 rockets launched from Gaza toward settlements
  • IOF announced an increase in casualties to 273
  • Red alert sirens sound again in areas near Gaza 
  • Roya's reporter: Three injuries by IOF gunfire during the funeral procession of martyrs in Qusra in Nablus
  • Israeli Occupation authorities: "We will not provide Gaza with water or fuel until hostages are released
  • Hamas: The West Bank is the most capable region to support Gaza before seeking help from abroad
  • IOF artillery targets areas in the Shejaiya neighborhood in East of Gaza
  • AFP: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrives in Tel Aviv
  • Red alert sirens sound in "Nahal Oz" settlement near Gaza
  • Israeli Occupation Minister of Energy: "We will not restore electricity, pump water or allow any fuel trucks until "Israelis" return from Gaza"
  • Palestinian Media: IOF used internationally prohibited bombs during their attack on Gaza
  • Palestinian Media: IOF commit a massacre in Al-Shati' Refugee Camp
  • Palestinian Health Ministry: 29 Palestinians martyred and approximately 180 injured in the West Bank
  • Palestinian Health Ministry: Death Toll in Gaza has risen to 1,203 Palestinians, with approximately 5,763 injured
  • Roya's correspondent: IOF continues intense airstrikes on Gaza Strip
  • Palestinian Prisoners' Club: IOF arrests 55 Palestinians from West Bank and Jerusalem Thursday morning
  • Jordan sends first relief aid aircraft to the Gaza Strip
  • King Hussein Bridge to be closed on Thursday for travelers and cargo
  • Jordan's Public Security Directorate: "No Changes to travel through Sheikh Hussein Crossing and Southern Crossing"
  • 15 Palestinians martyred in IOF's Bombing of a house in Jabalia
  • Israeli Occupation Air Force targets residential homes and towers in Northern Gaza Strip
  • Qassam Brigades: "We targeted Tel Aviv with a missile barrage in response to targeting civilians"
  • Roya's correspondent: Rocket barrages launched toward Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, and settlements in Northern West Bank
  • Roya's correspondent: Air raid sirens sound in wide areas of Northern Palestine
  • Hebrew Media reported an increase in the death toll of Israeli Occupation soldiers and settlers to 1,300 with 3,300 others wounded
  • United Nations allocated USD 9 million for humanitarian efforts in Palestine
  • IOF shell new port in Khan Yunis
  • IOF raided several areas in Qalandia Camp
  • Roya's correspondent: IOF intensifies shelling on Gaza Strip
  • United Nations: The number of displaced in Gaza has risen to over 338,000
  • Gaza's Health Ministry: 1,200 martyrs and over 5,600 injured due to the aggression on the Strip
  • Roya's correspondent: IOF continues raiding residential areas west of Gaza Strip
  • Roya's correspondent: IOF's artillery continues targeting Gaza with dozens of shells
  • IOF released names of 31 additional people who died during Operation Aqsa Typhoon
  • Confrontations between IOF and resistance fighters in Jenin
  • Jenin Brigades: "We targeted IOF soldiers that invaded the city with intense and continuous bullets"