Hunger consumes health of Sudan refugees in Chad


Published: 2023-09-04 09:33

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 01:50

Hunger consumes health of Sudan refugees in Chad
Hunger consumes health of Sudan refugees in Chad

Hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees had fled the horrific violence in their war-stricken country, only to find themselves in limbo awaiting aid that only trickle in.

Sudanese refugee Zeinab Abdul Rasul said: "We arrived at this camp 25 days ago. Until now, we have not been registered and no aid has been distributed to us. We need tarpaulins to set up tents because it is rainy and windy in autumn. We also need food. We do not have anything. Providing a meal is extremely difficult."

A Sudanese volunteer Alsser Ahmed Mousa said: "The humanitarian aid that we received covered some of the refugees' needs, and we are still distributing them. The aid that arrived before also helped in bridging part of the nutritional gap."

Another Sudanese refugee Kulthum Adam said: "In the beginning, we were provided with ready-made meals twice a day for breakfast and lunch, as well as special food for children. But it is difficult if you do not have your own food or can't prepare it yourself."

Another Sudanese volunteer Mazmel Said said: "People [refugees] need more food aid, because they were besieged for 64 days in El Geneina [capital of West Darfur state] without sufficient food. So, their immune system is very weak, and they must be provided with food more abundantly."