Threads vs. Twitter: 6 key differences you need to know


Published: 2023-07-09 13:46

Last Updated: 2024-04-13 21:29

Threads vs. Twitter: 6 key differences you need to know
Threads vs. Twitter: 6 key differences you need to know

Meta’s microblogging platform Threads has amassed over 100 million sign-ups just a few days after its launch on July 5. Hoping to leverage Instagram’s popularity and serve as an alternative to Twitter, Threads has a minimalistic user interface that shares design elements with Twitter.

See how the two social media platforms, Threads and Twitter, compare.

No trending topics or hashtags

On Twitter, you can look up words, phrases, or hashtags to see recent and relevant posts.

On Threads, you can only search for accounts. This makes Twitter easier to learn about new developments and trending topics.

In fact, on Threads, there are no hashtags and no trending topics section.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said in an interview that politics and hard news are not “worth the scrutiny, negativity, or integrity risks,” so Threads is not for news or politics.

Users have praised Threads for being a “nicer” alternative to Twitter, on which political debates are relatively rare.

No ads or subscriptions

Threads is free to download and use, and there are currently no advertisements, though this will likely change.

Like Instagram, Twitter has ads, and the platform announced a “Twitter Blue” subscription service for USD 8 per month or USD 84 per year.

Twitter Blue enables subscribers to edit Tweets after posting them and customize the appearance of the Twitter app icon. Recently, Twitter limited the number of Tweets non-paying users can view. The Twitter Blue subscription allows users to read more Tweets per day.

No “Following” or chronological feeds

On Twitter, you can choose to be served posts in a “For you” feed or posts in a “Following” feed that only shows posts from accounts you follow.

On Threads, there is only one feed, which provides a mixture of content from accounts you follow as well as algorithmic recommendations and trending posts.

Mosseri confirmed on his Threads account that Meta plans on adding a “Following” feed in the future.

Threads also does not have a chronological feed like Twitter does, in which users can view posts by the order they were posted.

“If anyone was asking, both Instagram and Facebook have chronological feeds options, so yes, we’re going to bring one to Threads too,” Mosseri wrote on Threads.

Write longer posts

On Threads, users cannot post text longer than 500 characters. On Twitter, users cannot post text longer than 280 characters. That means that on Threads, you can share longer content.

You can post website links, videos, and images on both Twitter and Threads. On Threads, you can post more images and videos at once.

Twitter has a limit of four multimedia items per post, while Threads allows users to share up to 10 items in a single post.

No messaging

Twitter has in-app messaging, and Threads does not. On Twitter, you can send text, images, GIFs, and voice messages.

It is possible to share a Thread via text, but there is no messaging option available through the app.

No website

Twitter began as a website and has since developed mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Threads is currently only a mobile app, and in order to access it, you must download Threads from the Apple App or Google Play stores.