Jordan Young Scientists National Exhibition 2023 announces winners


Published: 2023-06-25 17:05

Last Updated: 2024-04-14 07:26

Jordan Young Scientists National Exhibition 2023 announces winners
Jordan Young Scientists National Exhibition 2023 announces winners

The Jordan Young Scientists (JoYS) National Exhibition 2023 ended on an exciting note with an award ceremony that honored the exceptional talent and efforts displayed by Jordan's young scientists.

The two-day exhibition showcased 112 innovative projects created by 357 students from 68 schools across the Kingdom.

Three winners from each category were selected by specialized judges, recognizing the outstanding knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills demonstrated by these young scientists.

Additionally, an overall committee identified the top three overall winners, with the top-placed winner earning the opportunity to participate in the prestigious BT Young Scientists Exhibition in Ireland, providing a global platform to further showcase their scientific acumen.

The winners will also have the opportunity to participate in a science boot camp organized by the Irish Embassy next September.


Best three projects in Jordan:

• First place: The Islamic Scientific College / Jubaiha Branch - Artificial Nervous System (ANS)
• Second place: Al-Qusour Preparatory School for Boys - Safe Hinges
• Third place: Sharhabil Bin Hasna Secondary School for Boys - Monitoring student attendance

Technology category:

• First place: The Islamic Scientific College / Jubaiha - British program: The Smart Plant Watering System
• Second place: The Islamic Scientific College - Jabal Amman: GREEN EVERYWHERE STREET LIGHTS
• Third place: International Academy - Amman: iBreathe

Biological and Environmental Sciences Category:

• First place: Jubilee School: A New Concept of Eco-Friendly Material that can Replace Plastic
• Second place: Wadi Al-Seer Preparatory Mixed School: a project to recycle damaged bread into organic fertilizer
• Third place: Princess Alia Secondary School for Girls: Bio Cylinders

Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry categories:

• First place: International Academy - Amman: Recycling Fast Fashion Garments Into Tents for Refugees
• Second place: Fatima Al-Zahra Secondary School for Girls: future global agriculture
• Third place: Amman Camp Preparatory Secondary School for Girls: Smart Drip Irrigation

Social and Behavioural Sciences Category:

• First place: Al-Hamma Al-Urduni Secondary School for Boys / Al- Mukhiba: Basma and Basma
• Second place: Amman Academy: What Is Anxiety - Better Together App
• Third place: Al-Hussein Basic School for Girls: the fun of Mathematics

The JoYS National Exhibition 2023 serves as a testament to the talent and dedication of Jordan's young scientists, highlighting their potential to contribute to the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and shape a brighter future. By fostering a culture of innovation and scientific inquiry, this initiative paves the way for Jordan's scientific and technological advancements.

With a total of over 120 participating schools, 638 students, 100 dedicated teachers, and a total of 188 innovative projects, the JoYS National Exhibition 2023 is a true testament to the talent and passion for STEM education in Jordan.

The event not only celebrated the remarkable achievements of young scientists but also emphasized the importance of providing them with opportunities for growth, learning, and recognition.

We congratulate all the winners and extend our appreciation to the participating students, teachers, parents, and organizations who made the JoYS National Exhibition 2023 a resounding success. Their commitment to advancing scientific understanding and finding practical solutions to real-world challenges will undoubtedly contribute to Jordan's future development and progress.

For more information about the event, please visit or the Twitter account: @JoYS_initiative