What will happen on day of Royal Wedding?


Published: 2023-05-31 10:38

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 23:27

What will happen on day of Royal Wedding?
What will happen on day of Royal Wedding?

As preparations for the upcoming wedding ceremony of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II and Miss Rajwa Al Saif continue, both officially and among the public, the festivities are set to take place on the first of June, spanning two days.

Security forces have been deployed throughout the capital city of Amman since Wednesday morning, coinciding with the arrival of official and international guests who will attend the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

On Wednesday evening, the Royal Court will host a dinner party, in which over 4,000 guests will be invited. The attendees include current and former high-ranking officials, tribal leaders, representatives from civil society organizations, business figures, young entrepreneurs, members of the armed forces and security services, as well as representatives from various sectors of Jordanian society. The dinner party will be broadcasted live by Roya, providing special coverage of the event.

The dinner party will feature various elements that showcase the joy and authentic Hashemite Arab heritage of Jordan. Traditional Jordanian dishes, including the renowned "Mansaf," will be served during the occasion.

In terms of public security preparations, the Public Security Directorate has announced traffic diversions in conjunction with the Crown Prince's wedding convoy on Thursday evening, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The plan aims to secure traffic routes, provide access to hospitals and health centers, deploy civil defense points, and facilitate the movement of citizens who wish to celebrate and witness the procession.

The Jordanian Armed Forces have also made extensive preparations for the wedding ceremony. Major General Staff Yousef Ahmed Al-Hunaiti, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, emphasized the professionalism and expertise of the units involved in ensuring a safe environment during the ceremony. He stressed the importance of maintaining a professional and civilized approach when interacting with citizens within their designated areas of responsibility.

Celebrations have been taking place across Jordan for weeks in anticipation of the Crown Prince's wedding. The details of the marriage ceremony have been revealed, with Zahran Palace in Amman serving as the venue, followed by a procession to Husseiniya Palace where a reception and dinner will be held. Dignitaries from various countries, including kings, presidents, and leaders, will be in attendance at the wedding on June 1, 2023.