Authorities declare maximum state emergency for upcoming weather


Published: 2023-02-05 19:50

Last Updated: 2023-03-27 15:48

Authorities declare maximum state emergency for upcoming weather
Authorities declare maximum state emergency for upcoming weather

Sunday, the Ministry of Local Administration announced a maximum level state of emergency across the Kingdom, starting Sunday night, in preparation for the upcoming unstable weather conditions.

According to the Meteorological Department, the northern and centeral regions are expected to witness heavy rainfall, accompanied by thunder and hail in some areas.

The department warned that this will lead to flooding in valleys and lower areas across the Kingdom.

Late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, Jordan will witness snowfall in mountainous areas (at least 1,100 meters above sea level), which will be mixed with rain at times.

Notably, snow is only expected to accumulate on the ground in the highest peaks of the Sharah Mountains.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration, Tawfiq Krishan, directed the relevent authorities to be fully prepared to operate at maximum capacity in order to deal with emergencies due to the upcoming weather conditions, in coordination with all the relevent entities.

The Secretary General of the Ministry and Head of the main emergency room at the Ministry, Hussein Muhaidat, requested municipalities, joint service councils and directorates of municipal affairs in all governorates to develop a plan for the upcoming weather conditions.

The Ministry of Local Administration called on citizens and residents who live in or near lower areas to be careful and beware of floods.

The Ministry called on citizens to abide by official rules and regulations, adding they should not hesitate to contact the main emergency room in the Ministry in Amman by calling 06-4631987 or 06-4622372.