How MENACOM Jordan is turning big Data into bigger opportunities?


Published: 2022-06-27 16:25

Last Updated: 2022-08-09 07:49

How MENACOM Jordan is turning big Data into bigger opportunities?
How MENACOM Jordan is turning big Data into bigger opportunities?

It’s no secret that big data is big business: for years, companies and organizations across the globe have been steadily increasing their investments in high-quality data and analytics. And this trend shows no signs of abating: in a recent study by EY, 93 percent of companies claimed that they plan to continue building on their investments in analytics and data.

The potential for data to drive better business decisions is enormous: in addition to offering insights into market trends, helping companies optimize their operations on all levels, and providing glimpses into competitors’ operations, data can also help businesses target customers in a much more intelligent, personalized manner. Essentially, the potential of data is limited only by the ingenuity of how it’s used.

And that’s where things get tricky: how do you effectively capitalize on the resources you’re investing in? For MENACOM Jordan, the task of transforming data into action has been driving considerable growth and innovation across each of the group’s six integrated communication agencies—and reaping major benefits and clear, quantifiable outcomes for the group’s clients.

A Game of Quality and Quantity

These days, analytics tools and platforms can be found everywhere: they’re so prevalent, in fact, that it can be a challenge to decide which ones are right for your business or operations: not all data is created equal. But while quality is obviously crucial, when you’re dealing with data, quantity also matters a great deal: after all, larger data sets will always yield more reliable figures and insights—and multiple data sets will help paint a richer, more detailed picture of whatever market, industry, or audience you’re seeking to understand.

For MENACOM Jordan, the group’s integrated nature has helped widen and diversify its agencies’ access to top-notch data and resources. For example, when VMLY&R Amman invested in the Global Web Index—a worldwide database of digital consumer data that offers exceptionally rich market insights—the entire group was suddenly able to leverage the knowledge gained from this database. For VMLY&R in particular, the Global Web Index (GWI) has already proven to be a valuable investment: as a direct result of the insights gleaned from it, the agency has been able to expand its reach beyond the Kingdom’s borders and acquire a series of high-profile clients from across the MENA region.

But the Global Web Index is just the tip of the iceberg: MENACOM’s agencies have quickly discovered that the best way to transform data into action is to rely on multiple analytics tools and platforms. The group’s media buying and planning agency, Wavemaker, exemplifies this: the agency employs its own global proprietary research and analytics tools alongside insights from GWI, as well as those derived from several third-party partners. Together, all of these tools allow Wavemaker to develop media plans that are grounded in robust, diverse data sources, and ultimately drive exceptional outcomes for the agency’s clients.

And these are far from the only data resources available to the group: from Wunderman Amman’s investments in various social media analytics tools to Asda’a BCW’s annual Arab Youth Survey—conducted on a regional level with the support of international research agency PSB—MENACOM and its agencies have access to an exceptionally rich tapestry of data.

Actionable Insights, Real Results

Ultimately, of course, even the best data means next to nothing if you don’t know what to do with it. Yet again, it is MENACOM Jordan’s commitment to integration that allows the group to excel when it comes to transforming rich data into richer outcomes. Over the last several years, the company has invested in building up its group-level assets, including a strategic planning department that serves all its agencies. MENACOM’s strategic planners are specialized in aligning insights to actions, and keeping clients’ objectives at the forefront of all communication plans, activities, and implementations.

By increasingly centralizing operations like strategic planning and content services, MENACOM Jordan allows the impact of its data-driven insights to spread across all facets of clients’ communications—from advertising and marketing to public relations and social media.

And this approach isn’t just driving results for clients: the group and its agencies continue to elevate their reputation, both locally and internationally, as providers of world-class, integrated communication solutions. MENACOM Jordan may have its roots in Amman, but with the power of high-quality data at its fingertips, its reach and ambitions are going global.