Jordan sets response plan to monkeypox


Published: 2022-05-22 21:21

Last Updated: 2022-07-02 14:45

Jordan sets response plan to monkeypox
Jordan sets response plan to monkeypox

Sunday, the National Center for Epidemics and Communicable Diseases held a meeting during which the epidemiological situation in Jordan in relation to monkeypox was discussed.

During the meeting, procedures for protecting citizens from getting infected and the mechanism for dealing with suspected cases if they occur, were discussed.

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Earlier Sunday, the Minister of Agriculture Khaled Al-Hunaifat revealed that the ministry is coordinating with the Ministry of Health in order to stop the import of monkeys or other animals that carry the ‘monkeypox’ infection if it is proven that this measure is needed.

In an exclusive statement to Roya, Hunaifat said that a national plan has been announced to monitor any suspected cases and report them immediately according to specific mechanisms.