PepsiCo, JICE donate JD 106,000 to Tkiyet Um Ali to secure over 3,630 food parcels


Published: 2021-11-22 15:39

Last Updated: 2021-11-27 12:01

PepsiCo, JICE donate JD 106,000 to Tkiyet Um Ali to secure over 3,630 food parcels
PepsiCo, JICE donate JD 106,000 to Tkiyet Um Ali to secure over 3,630 food parcels

PepsiCo, Inc., the global food and beverage company, through its philanthropic arm The PepsiCo Foundation, in collaboration with Jordan Ice and Aerated Water Company (JICE), provided a grant of JD 106,000 to the leading organization Tkiyet Um Ali to provide meals for underprivileged families in Jordan. This donation stems from PepsiCo, Inc. and JICE’s continued commitment to support communities struggling with food insecurity. What’s more, and as part of this initiative, JICE provided 60,000 Aquafina water bottles as in-kind donations in addition to 60,000 cans of soft drinks.

This initiative which is based on PepsiCo’s global strategy and JICE’s social impact arm reflects how keen both parties are on playing an active role that has a positive impact on varied segments of society with a focus on those that are most disadvantaged. Both parties are also eager to expand their impact by building more sustainable food systems that would support the largest possible number of people in need. Through this initiative, Tkiyet Um Ali can continue its work without interruption despite the challenging economic climate and is able to achieve its goals by providing sustainable food aid to program beneficiaries across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

This initiative, which launched in Ramadan 2021 and will stay in effect until year-end, came as an extension of the strategic support JICE provides its established partner Tkiyet Um Ali with for several years now. PepsiCo, Inc. constantly strives to achieve impact-driven and positive sustainable results and has entrusted Tkiyet Um Ali with securing and distributing 3,630 food parcels through this initiative.

Karim Khedr, Cluster General Manager and VP for Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Jordan from PepsiCo commented on this initiative saying: “We will continue to stand with families in need in all parts of Jordan during this difficult period. The ill-effects of COVID-19 have impacted many people. Through our longstanding partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali we will continue to work on securing food to the largest number of people possible to provide meals to those in need since we firmly believe in the basic human right of people having access to food, which fuels our drive to fight hunger alongside our partners in Jordan. We are adamant in continuing to support our partners in Jordan with Tkiyet Um Ali at the forefront due to its proven reliability and professionalism.”

Whereas, JICE’s General Manager of Human Resources and Public Relations, Mutasem Salameh said: "We are proud of PepsiCo's humanitarian vision to support and nurture the local communities in which it operates and inspires other companies to follow suit. With the size of PepsiCo, Inc.’s investments and its operations, and with our awareness of the link between institutional performance growth and the growth of societal performance, and through such support, we are able to persevere with our work which carries with it humanitarian and developmental scopes that commit to responding to prevailing conditions and needs and serves the local community in attaining a dignified life for those most in need."

Tkiyet Um Ali’s Director General, Samer Balkar, expressed gratitude and appreciation for PepsiCo’s donation saying: “I thank PepsiCo for their generous donation for the second consecutive year which I do believe is a testimony for the role that Tkiyet Um Ali plays in alleviating hunger across the Kingdom and its vision of reaching a hunger-free Jordan.”

“I am confident that with such donations, we can continue to support the neediest families in Jordan and help them lead better lives." He concluded.

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