Israeli Occupation extends sentence of Marwan Maadi


Published: 2021-06-07 16:03

Last Updated: 2021-06-12 21:19

Source: Middle East Eye
Source: Middle East Eye

The Israeli Occupation's court of Ofer extended the sentence of detainee Marwan Maadi, 60, from eight years to 22 years Monday, with a fine of 50,000 NIS. 

Maadi, who hails from Jifna/Ramallah, was arrested in 2012 after being charged with participating in the killing of two Israeli Occupation soldiers at Ramallah Police Station in 2000. He was later acquited and charged instead with attacking a solider. He was sentenced to eight years. 

In May 2020, following an appeal, the Court of Appeal decided to convict the detainee with deliberate murder of one soldier and attacking another one. The original indictment did not contain anything about the second soldier.

A lawyer from the Commission of Detainees' Affairs subsequently submitted an appeal against the rule of the military appeal court and a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to reconsider the case, because the rule of the military appeal court has legal errors which may affect the case.

The commission condemned the criminal policy of the occupation in issuing high sentences and high fines against the Palestinian people. The commission also pointed out that the Israeli Occupation judicial system works according to the orders of the Israeli Occupation intelligence service, which tries to inflict punishments and damages against the Palestinians.