Three Zaatari Camp refugees granted Harvard scholarships


Published: 2021-04-29 09:52

Last Updated: 2021-07-25 03:38

Three Zaatari Camp refugees granted Harvard scholarships
Three Zaatari Camp refugees granted Harvard scholarships

Wednesday, it was announced that three refugees living in Zataari Camp received scholarships from the Harvard Student Agencies Academies and attended 16 hours course on business and entrepreneurship as part of Blumont TIGER (These Inspiring Girls/Guys Enjoy Reading) Project that is supported by the UNHCR and targets girls and boys aged 12–17.

As part of TIGER’s continuous efforts to support its participants’ skills development, the First Institute for Training and Education (FITE) donated the course fees which total to JD 600 for the three students.

"Cooperation with the First Institute for Training and Education (FITE) and Blumont has led to the training of Syrian refugee students. We welcome the cooperation for telecommuting in light of the changing world that will create livelihood opportunities for refugees in the Zaatari camp", said Gamal Yacout, the Head of UNHCR Mafraq Sub office, Jordan.

Caroline Haddad, Blumont Jordan Country Director, thanked FITE for this support and said, “We are proud of our children as the first and only Syrian refugees participating in this course. This is a true example that shows the importance of TIGER Project in bridging the gaps in education and encouraging academic advancement.”

Over three weeks, students took virtual classes on market research, competitive analysis, business plans, and many other topics. At the end of the course, students did a presentation to show their progress.

Adnan, 14 years old, was extremely happy to participate in this course.

“Adnan is very persistent and he always participates in the English Language courses given by Blumont. Participating in Harvard course, made him more confident and it motivated him to pursuit his education in the future,” said his mother.

Miguel Vega, Harvard University Student Instructor said, “Thank you for being a part of the business academy program. All of your presentations were very impressive and showed amazing growth over the past three weekends.”

Samah Abu Khalil from FITE said, “The student mentorship access to the Harvard Student Agencies Academies and the life lessons that each of the students gained were fantastic experiences for each student. Harvard University philosophy is very similar to FITE's beliefs in diversity, inclusion and educational rights for everyone, we are so pleased to be working with a partner with a similar vision.”

Blumont implements the TIGER project as part of the Community-Based Protection Program supported by the UNHCR. TIGER consists of five interactive components: the TIGER life skills curriculum, community service, access to English and Arabic courses, and access to e-learning services. Students will also have access to life-skills development in support of their future aspirations, capabilities, and interests for which students will receive assessments on their skill development.