No decisions made yet to extend second semester: Education Ministry


Published: 2021-01-22 15:37

Last Updated: 2021-03-05 10:25

No decisions made yet to extend second semester: Education Ministry
No decisions made yet to extend second semester: Education Ministry

Friday, the Ministry of Education has not made a decision yet to extend the second semester, although this is indicated by evidence of returning to schools in light of the pandemic.

Although there are indications made by the ministerial guide to extend the semester, the decision to extend the term needs a direct and official recommendation from the Planning Committee at the ministry, which attributes to the Minister of Education Tayseer Al-Nuaimi directly.

In statements to Roya Friday, an official at the Ministry of Education said that if it was decided to extend the semester, this would be reflected in the date of applying for the secondary school exams "Tawjihi".

According to the ministerial guide, class times have been reduced from 45 minutes to 30 minutes, which means that teachers will now have to teach around 26 weekly classes.

During a government press conference Jan. 13, Al-Nuaimi indicated that there may be an extension of the second semester for a period of three weeks, to enable students to fulfill their right to education.

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In press statements, he said that in the event of a setback in the pandemic situation, the option to return to distance education is widely available, and it will be acted upon if the health situation in Jordan worsens.

He added that the return to schools will be gradual beginning Feb. 7. Those returning to schools will be from kindergarten to the third grade, in addition to the twelfth grade. School days will alternate from two days at school and three days remotely.

The class capacity will be 15 students per class, with no less than two square meters between each student.

Al-Nuaimi emphasized that the continuity of returning to face education in Jordan is a shared responsibility by adhering to the health protocol and wearing face masks. A return to education is based on the extent of commitment and the pandemic situation, he said.