Gas pipeline explodes in Sinai


Published: 2020-12-25 14:24

Last Updated: 2021-02-27 12:48

Photo: SEE News
Photo: SEE News


An explosion occurred in a gas pipeline north of Sinai in eastern Egypt Thursday, a security source told AFP.

The source said that "an explosion occurred (Thursday) evening in the main gas pipeline that feeds the city of Arish in the Sabika Gharbi region," the main city in North Sinai.

The governor of North Sinai, Mohamed Abdel-Fadil Shousha, said in a statement that the explosion did not result in any casualties and would not have an impact on the city's gas supply.

The causes of the explosion are still not known.

Witnesses told AFP that smoke from the fire was seen 30 km from Al-Arish.

The security forces are conducting searches around the vicinity of the explosion and an investigation is being opened, according to the governor's statement.

In February, a local group affiliated with Daesh, which is active in Sinai, claimed responsibility for an attack on a gas pipeline 80 kilometers east of Al-Arish.