Jordan ranks 76 on Global Firepower report 2019


Published: 2019-12-04 12:51

Last Updated: 2024-06-15 14:25

Jordan ranks 76 on Global Firepower report 2019
Jordan ranks 76 on Global Firepower report 2019

Jordan ranked 76 (of 137) out of the countries currently considered for the annual Globalfirepower (GFP) review on the military strength of the world's armies.

Each nation detailed on the report is assessed on individual and collective values. These values are processed through an in-house formula to generate the PwrIndx (PowerIndex) score which is used to establish the finalized GFP rankings for the current year.

Some values are estimated when official numbers are not readily available/unattainable. Otherwise official/semi-official values are used whenever possible.

The presented official and detailed data on Jordan, such as its total population and labor force, the total military personnel and data related to the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF).

Jordan's Total Aircraft Strength was analyzed, as the strength value includes both fixed- and rotary-wing systems from all branches of service (UAVs are not included in this total), according to the website.

According to the website, Jordan's Combat Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), light tanks, and tank destroyers (no distinction is made between tracked and wheeled types). Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) value includes APCs, IFVs, MRAPs, and Armored Cars. Rocket Projectors only include self-propelled forms.