Faisal Fayez: Jordan needs financial aid not words of praise


Published: 2018-05-03 16:55

Last Updated: 2018-05-03 19:26

The Spanish delegation in the Upper House of Parliament (Petra news agency)
The Spanish delegation in the Upper House of Parliament (Petra news agency)
Roya News Source

Jordanian Senate President, Faisal Fayez, urged the international community, specifically the EU, to fulfill their moral, humanitarian and legal commitments by increasing their financial aid to the kingdom.

His remarks were directed to his Spanish counterpart, Pio Garcia Escudero, in a meeting held at the Upper House of Parliament on Thursday, Petra news agency reported.

The senator called for increased efforts to be directed at restoring stability in Syria and the region and the enabling of refugees to return to their homeland, stressing that Jordan was the country most heavily impacted by the crisis.

He highlighted that the international community had only covered a quarter of the hefty $10.3 billion bill incurred by hosting refugees since the beginning of the crisis.

Fayez also indicated that Jordan may not be able to continue its humanitarian assistance to refugees on its soil due to scarcity of resources and a crippling economic crisis.

“We only hear words of praise and sympathy,” he added, asserting that the international community had not fulfilled its obligations.

On his turn, Escudero described the situation as “unfair” and confirmed that Spain was aware that EU support did not match Jordan’s role in the region, adding that the Spanish senate had already asked EU institutions to increase their aid to Jordan.

Other topics, such as bilateral ties, fighting terrorism and the peace process were also discussed. Fayez commended Spain’s support for a two-state solution and their rejection of the US decision to relocate their embassy to Jerusalem.