Macron: Syria crossed a “red line”


Published: 2018-04-14 15:08

Last Updated: 2018-04-14 15:08

Photo: Emmanuel Macron
Photo: Emmanuel Macron
Roya News Source

French President, Emmanuel Macron, defended the US-led airstrike on Syria by proclaiming the Syrian regime had crossed a “red line” by hitting Doma with chemical weapons earlier last week.

Macron’s words came after France participated in the attack, alongside Britain, hitting targets which belonged to the Syrian regime.

"On Saturday 7 April 2018, in Douma, dozens of men, women and children were massacred with chemical weapons, in a total violation of international law and UN Security Council Resolutions,” Macron issued in a statement.

“The facts and the responsibility of the Syrian regime are beyond doubt. The red line set by France in May 2017 has been crossed,” the statement read.

Days after US President, Donald Trump, threatened to hit Syria, the tripartite fired more than 100 missiles targeting their chemical weapons capabilities.