Israel bans a girl in need of surgery to travel with either parent


Published: 2018-03-01 10:08

Last Updated: 2018-03-03 12:06

Inaam's mother arrived to the West Bank on Wednesday to see her daughter
Inaam's mother arrived to the West Bank on Wednesday to see her daughter
Roya News Source

A Palestinian girl in need of a kidney transplant was forced to travel from Gaza strip to the city of Ramallah, West Bank on Tuesday for the surgery without her parents, as their travel permission was denied, Middle East Monitor (MEM) reported.

Inaam al-Attar, 13, travelled with her uncle who is also her kidney donor.

Upon arrival Laila Ghannam, the governor of Ramallah, welcomed Inaam who was in a bad emotional state. Inaam cried as Palestinian news channels filmed her asking to see her mother.

According to Wafa news, Inaam’s mother was subsequently given permission to be with her daughter on Wednesday.

This is not the first time Israel forces minors to travel across Palestine without their parents. Earlier in February, 14-year-old Ghada, was deported from Jerusalem to Gaza for not having a permit while visiting the city with her family.

Ghada who was under arrest for three days, was told she would be dropped off at a checkpoint near her hometown in the West Bank, but instead was taken to the Erez crossing into Gaza, where she did not know anyone.

Al Mezan Centre for Human rights along with other human rights groups released a joint statement earlier this month urging Israel to end its decade-long blockade on the Gaza Strip.