Cancer patients at KHCC will continue medical treatment: Momani


Published: 2018-02-20 11:36

Last Updated: 2018-02-20 13:56

The King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) provided free medical treatement with cancer patients. (KHCC)
The King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) provided free medical treatement with cancer patients. (KHCC)

Jordanian cancer patients who are currently being treated at the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC), will not be relocated to other public medical facilities and will receive free medical treatment at the center, Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesman, Mohammad Al-Momani said.

The statement was made at a press conference held on Monday evening by Momani, where he cleared up recent confusion regarding the KHCC acceptance of cancer patients.

At the press conference he asserted that information circulating on social media did not reflect reality and called for the public to check for reliable sources prior to spreading information.

Momani explained that the newly established medical committee will not affect patients who are already receiving treatment from the KHCC. The decisions of the committee will only apply to cancer cases diagnosed after its inception. The purpose of the committee is to allocate cases to public, military or university hospitals, in addition to the KHCC itself.

As of January 1, 2018 Jordanians over the age of 60 with no health insurance are eligible for a governmentally-funded free healthcare. Those citizens will also be processed through the committee and provided with free cancer treatment by referring them to any of the kingdom’s hospitals. The step will add another JD 25 million to the government’s healthcare bill annually.

Furthermore, in regards to cancer, Momani assured that a mechanism is in place for providing underprivileged citizens under 60 with free healthcare. The committee will treat those patients on par with the ones covered by insurance.

In response, the KHCC affirmed they were not involved in the decision to refer cancer patients to other hospitals in the kingdom. They appealed for their stakeholders and donors to help in reversing the decision. The center asked for the development of more sustainable solutions where patients’ healthcare treatment remains in accordance to global standards and in line with its mission to provide lifesaving treatment.