Jordan achieves prominent improvement in investment environment


Published: 2018-02-05 16:12

Last Updated: 2018-02-05 17:00

Jordan improved its investment environment noticeably in 2017.
Jordan improved its investment environment noticeably in 2017.
Roya News Source

Jordan has achieved high levels during 2017 in terms of improving the investment environment, according to the World Bank's ease of doing business report.

Ranking 103th in the world among 190 countries, Jordan gained 15 places in ‘doing business’ world report compared to ranking in 118th place in 2016.

The report indicated several measures, including the ease of starting a business and the ease of issuing building permits, in which Jordan was ranked 105 and 110, respectively.

It also indicated the Electricity Access Index, where Jordan occupied the 40th place from 48 in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Prime Ministry’s annual report that summarizes the government's key achievements during 2017 reported a significant growth in the foreign direct investment sector in Jordan by 19.1% during the first three quarters of 2017.