King Abdullah offers condolences to Hamarneh family following Israeli embassy shooting


Published: 2017-07-29 13:58

Last Updated: 2017-07-29 18:29

The King extends his condolences to the Al Hamarneh family. (File photo)
The King extends his condolences to the Al Hamarneh family. (File photo)
Roya News Source

King Abdullah visited the funeral service of doctor Bashar Al Hamarneh on Friday to offer his condolences, after Hamarneh was killed by a security guard at the Israeli Embassy in Amman last Sunday.

Hamarneh and 16-year-old Mohammed Al Jawawdeh were shot dead by an Israeli security guard after Jawawdeh allegedly attacked the Israeli with a screwdriver, according to Israeli and Jordanian authorities.

The entire staff of the Embassy left the Jordan the following day, and Jordanians have been calling for the Israeli guard to be put on trial since.

“My father was never political, never hated anyone. He had no problem with Muslims, Jews, Christians, anyone,” the victim’s son, 18-year-old Fadi Hamarneh, told the Atlantic.

“We don’t care about the guy going to jail. We just want the truth,” Fadi said. “My mother, she just wants a ‘Sorry’ from the embassy. We want to know how and why he died.”

King Abdullah also attended the funeral service of Jawawdeh, accompanied by Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki.

At a National Policies Council meeting with his close advisors on Thursday, King Abdullah slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , saying that Israeli embassy shooter should be brought to ‘justice.’

“The Israeli Prime Minister is obliged to commit to his responsibilities and to take the necessary legal actions which include putting the killer on trial to attain justice, instead of dealing with this crime as a political display with the intent of achieving personal political gains,” he said.