Israel looses drone in West Bank


Published: 2017-06-29 21:15

Last Updated: 2017-06-30 10:13

An unmanned aerial vehicle. (Wikipedia)
An unmanned aerial vehicle. (Wikipedia)
Roya News Source

Israel accidentally crached unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) landed in Bethlehem in the West Bank on Thursday afternoon.

“A drone [unmanned aerial vehicle] fell in the Bethlehem area,” said Avichai Adarai, a spokesman for the Israeli army, in a written statement sent to the Anadolu Agency.

An Israeli military source said: “There is no fear of information leaking out [following the crash].”

Palestinian media reported that Israeli occupation forces entered the city of Bethlehem in search of the wreckage of the plane, which is a "Sky passenger" model .

Israel is know to use drones to monitor the movements of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as to commit attacks against them.