'Our greatest fear was Israeli planes,' says 'Israeli' ex-captive


Published: 2024-06-10 09:55

Last Updated: 2024-06-25 02:43

Former captive Louis Har
Former captive Louis Har

Statements from "Israeli" captive liberated during violent military operations by the Israeli Occupation army in the Gaza Strip have revealed their greatest fears while held in the besieged region.

Some captives noted that Palestinian resistance factions treated them with kindness and respect, providing various forms of care despite the difficult conditions in Gaza due to the ongoing siege and Israeli Occupation aggression, now in its 248th day.

Former captive Louis Har shared with the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz that he was most afraid of being bombed by Israeli Occupation planes while held in Gaza.

“Our greatest fear was the IDF’s planes and the concern that they would bomb the building we were in,” Har said in his interview with Haaretz.

Louis Norberto Har, 70, and Fernando Marman, 60, were detained from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on October 7.

Noa Argamani, one of the four captives released in Gaza on Saturday, June 8, 2024, recounted seeing death before her eyes four times due to the occupation’s bombing.

In her first media interview, Argamani told the Hebrew newspaper Israel Today: "I saw death right before my eyes, and one time a missile entered the house."

She told her family: "Four times I saw death before my eyes. One time a missile entered the house and then an explosion occurred. I was sure I was dead."

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