What will weather be like this week?


Published: 2024-06-09 14:38

Last Updated: 2024-06-25 03:17

Amman, Jordan at night.
Amman, Jordan at night.

The weather in Jordan will tend to be slightly cool late at night and during the early morning hours in parts of the high mountain areas and eastern plains this week, while it will be warm in the early evening in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, Aqaba, and eastern regions, becoming moderate in late hours – per ArabiaWeather’s forecasts.

It noted that minimum temperatures will drop below 20°C in the Sharah Mountains, while being higher in other regions.

The minimum temperatures, recorded just after sunrise, will range between 16-18°C in the high mountain peaks, especially in the Sharah Mountains, while they will be between 19-23°C in other areas, including the capital, Amman. This will coincide with a gradual increase in surface humidity levels, and low clouds will appear, particularly in the northern parts of the Kingdom, late at night.

Northwest winds of moderate speed will continue to blow across the Kingdom during the afternoon and evening, with occasionally active gusts, especially in the mountainous and eastern areas. These winds will help to cool the atmosphere and reduce the feeling of heat, particularly in the mountainous regions.