Hebrew media reports progress in Gaza 'Ceasefire' talks


Published: 2024-05-28 09:53

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 16:13

Hebrew media reports progress in Gaza "Ceasefire" talks
Hebrew media reports progress in Gaza "Ceasefire" talks

The Hebrew newspaper "Yedioth Ahronoth" reported Tuesday that talks to resume the ceasefire in Gaza will begin today.

A negotiation team official stated that "the main point of contention in the prisoner exchange deal is ending the war." The official noted concerns over Hamas' insistence on halting all operations in Rafah before starting any negotiations.

Meanwhile, the "Israeli" Broadcasting Authority reported that Tel Aviv will present a proposal to mediators on Tuesday regarding the exchange deal and ending the war.

The Hebrew website "Israel 24" reported that Hamas refused to participate in any talks concerning captives following an "Israeli" airstrike on Rafah that resulted in the martyrdom of dozens of Palestinians on Sunday night.

In a press conference from Beirut on Monday, Hamas official Osama Hamdan said that "the continued delays and airstrikes by the occupation may mean their captives will return as corpses, or perhaps never return."

Hamdan added that the occupation would only get its captives back under the conditions presented by the movement to the mediators.

He blamed the occupation for all actions taken by Benjamin Netanyahu's government against Palestinian civilians, accusing it of hiding its failure to confront the resistance by committing massacres against children and women.