“Brinkmanship politics will yield nothing,” says Egypt’s Sisi on Gaza


Published: 2024-05-16 16:16

Last Updated: 2024-06-15 14:40

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Sisi in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (December 9, 2022) (Photo: Reuters)
Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Sisi in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (December 9, 2022) (Photo: Reuters)

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi said today that there is no “genuine political will to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” adding that “It is mistaken to believe that brinkmanship politics can yield benefit or achieve gains."

Speaking at the 33rd ordinary session of the Arab League summit in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sisi reiterated that “Egypt will remain steadfast in its rejection, in action and word, of liquidating the Palestinian cause and rejecting the forced displacement or expulsion of Palestinians.”

“It is also delusional to think that security and military solutions are capable of securing interests or achieving security, and mistaken to believe that brinkmanship politics can yield benefit or achieve gains,” he added.

Sisi condemned the “regrettable failure” of the international community and the United Nations institutions.

“History will pause long before this war to record a major tragedy characterized by unabated killing, vengeance, besieging an entire people, starving and terrorizing them, displacing their sons, and seeking to forcibly displace and settle their lands amidst a regrettable failure of the international community with its effective powers and its United Nations institutions.”

Below is the full statement by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi delivered at the 33rd Arab League summit held in Bahrain:

“Our summit convenes today as our region grapples with acute historical circumstances. Amidst pressing challenges and complex crises that many countries in our region are facing and the atrocious Israeli war against the brotherly Palestinian people, this defining moment inevitably requires that all relevant parties make a decisive choice between two paths: the path of peace, stability and hope or the one of chaos and destruction, which is fueled by the persistent military escalation in the Gaza Strip.

“This war will resonate in history for ages to come as a testament to a devastating human tragedy, marked by outrageous killing and heinous vindictiveness: the brutal siege of an entire people who have been subjected to massive starvation, scenes of unspeakable horror and compulsory displacement of their children. They are facing vicious endeavors to forcibly displace them, ravage and plunder their lands, amid a deplorable incapacity of our international community, its leading actors and UN institutions.

“The rights of tens of thousands of children of Palestine, who were brutally killed or orphaned in Gaza, stand as a perpetual sword that will forever pierce the conscience of humanity, until justice is delivered through the relevant mechanisms of international law.

“As Egypt is heavily engaged with the brothers and friends in tireless pursuit and unyielding determination to save our region from falling into a deep abyss, we face the absence of a genuine international political will to end the occupation and address the root-causes of the conflict through the two-state solution.

“Meanwhile, Israel continues to engage in evasive actions to shirk its responsibilities and in devious maneuvering around efforts to achieve a ceasefire. Furthermore, it is defiantly adamant about its widely condemned military operation in Rafah, and seeks to leverage the Rafah crossing, from the Palestinian side, to solidify its siege on the Gaza Strip.

“Once again, I definitively state that Egypt is unequivocally committed to its steadfast position, both in words and actions, in rejecting the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, the forced displacement or compulsory migration of the Palestinians, as well as the creation of conditions rendering Gaza uninhabitable, with the aim of evacuating the land of Palestine from its people.

“I reiterate that those who believe that security and military solutions guarantee their interests or peace are deluded; similarly, those who think that brinkmanship yields benefits or gains are demonstrably mistaken.

“The fate of the region and its peoples’ resources are far too significant to be entrusted to warmongers or advocates of zero-sum games.

“Egypt has illuminated the torch of peace in the region in times of immense darkness, enduring high costs and bearing heavy burdens. Today, despite the current gloomy picture, Egypt still clings to the hope that the voices of reason, justice and truth will ultimately prevail, saving the region from endless waves of wars and bloodshed.

“Therefore, speaking from this platform before the leaders and heads of state of the Arab countries, I extend a genuine call to the international community and all active and concerned actors, and tell them:

“The faith of all the peoples of the world in the justice of the international order is facing an unprecedented calamity, with potentially devastating repercussions for global peace, security and stability. Justice is indivisible; and the lives of the Palestinian people are as precious as those of any other.

“This perilous situation leaves us with no choice but to join hands to save the future, before it is too late. Let us bring an immediate end to this outrageous war against the Palestinians, who deserve to regain their legitimate rights in the establishment of their independent state, along the June 4, 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“All future generations of Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in a region where justice thrives, peace prevails and security reigns; they are entitled to live in a region where the hopes of the future sublimate the pain of the past.”