VIDEO: Belgian Minister Gennez speaks to Roya on peace efforts during Jordan visit


Published: 2024-05-15 19:49

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 13:31

Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, Caroline Gennez.
Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, Caroline Gennez.

Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, Caroline Gennez, offered insights during an interview with Roya on her short visit to Jordan on Wednesday, before she visited an UNRWA camp and met with HRH Prince Rashid to discuss aid deliveries (JHCO) prior to heading to Palestine later in the day.

In response to countries abstaining from voting or opposing resolutions regarding Palestine, Gennez asserted, "It's inevitable that Palestine will become not only a full member of the UN system but also the international system as a state. So some countries might oppose the logic that history is evolving. One day the logic will prevail."

Discussing the failures of the international community in resolving the Israeli Occupation-Palestinian issue, Gennez expressed disappointment. "The international community has failed in resolving or facilitating a resolution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," she stated. "All the pieces are on the table towards a solution. So let's make sure that the puzzle is completed."

When asked about her hopes after visiting Palestine, Gennez said that in a perfect world she would dream of "an immediate ceasefire and the peace process on track." She emphasized the need for European solidarity with suffering regions and the importance of standing by their side. "Europe is a project founded on international law and human rights," she noted.

Regarding the effectiveness of sanctions, Gennez stated, "All instruments, peaceful instruments, are good to move forward in the process towards a two-state solution." She highlighted efforts to enforce humanitarian access, ceasefires, and sanctions as leverage.

Discussing cooperation with Jordan, Gennez stressed the country's stabilizing role in the region. "Jordan is the stabilizing factor in the region," she remarked.

In conclusion, Gennez affirmed her belief in an inevitable ceasefire, stating, "It’s not only a pity but it’s a shame that it took so long." She hoped for the EU to play a more significant role in facilitating the two-state solution and emphasized the importance of being ready once the weapons fell silent.