Rafah operation won’t expand before Sullivan’s expected visit to “Israel”, Saudi Arabia


Published: 2024-05-14 21:47

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 19:01

“Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Jerusalem. (January 19, 2023)
“Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Jerusalem. (January 19, 2023)

The United States has reached an understanding with the Israeli Occupation that the latter will not “significantly expand” the ongoing invasion of the Rafah in south Gaza before the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s expected visit to both Saudi Arabia and “Israel” – a senior US official said cited by Axios.

Sullivan will visit Saudi Arabia and “Israel” this weekend to discuss the recent escalation in Rafah; as the Joe Biden administration keeps pushing back their allies to dissuade them from entering Rafah – which currently houses 1.5 million Palestinian refugees with no place left in Gaza to take refuge in.

The visit will also address the US-Saudi “Mega Deal” that hinges on a peace deal between the Israeli Occupation and Saudi Arabia.

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Brett McGurk, the US National Security Council Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, has told President Biden that Riyadh and other Arab states think that an invasion of Rafah would set back the normalization process with “Israel” – three sources told Axios.

Yesterday, Jake Sullivan told reporters in the White House Briefing Room that “Israel” should weigh any attack on Rafah with its “larger strategy in mind”.

"Israel's long-term security depends on being integrated into the region and enjoying normal relations with the Arab states, including Saudi Arabia," Sullivan said.

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"We shouldn't miss a historic opportunity to achieve the vision of a secure Israel flanked by strong regional partners, presenting a powerful front to deter aggression and uphold regional stability," he added.

Brett McGurk, Amos Hochstein, and State Department counselor Derek Chollet will join Sullivan on his trip, where they are set to meet Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials.

The “Mega Deal” between the US and Saudi Arabia notably includes a defense treaty and support for a civilian nuclear program.