Entire families in Gaza wiped out by “Israel’s” genocidal war


Published: 2024-05-12 12:58

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 17:46

Palestinian mother saying goodbye to her martyred child in Gaza.
Palestinian mother saying goodbye to her martyred child in Gaza.

The Israeli Occupation's genocidal acts in the Gaza Strip have claimed the names of countless families who were previously registered in civil registries, but have since been transferred to the martyrs and missing persons books.

The tragic situation in Gaza continues to demand international efforts to stop these crimes and protect the innocent. Over more than seven months of the Israeli Occupation aggression on the Gaza Strip – the result has been the complete erasure of entire Palestinian families due to indiscriminate and deliberate bombing of civilian areas.

The Israeli Occupation does not distinguish between young and old, male and female, combatant and civilian. This has resulted in the near-total disappearance of entire families, leaving behind only their memories while the international community remains disturbingly silent, seemingly only concerned with protecting the perpetrators.

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The Awad family -who lost around 100 of its members in one go- only had 10 survivors, some of whom suffered severe injuries, including amputations.

Consecutive airstrikes targeting the homes of the Abdul Ghafour family in several areas and cities in the Gaza Strip led to the obliteration of entire households from Gaza’s record books. The massacres included women, children, dignitaries, and elders of the family, with 72 martyrs since the beginning of the aggression.

On the morning of January 7, 2024, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) committed a massacre against the Abu Alba family when they raided civilian homes in the Falouja area of Jabalia Camp in the northern Gaza Strip. A house belonging to the family was targeted, resulting in the martyrdom of over 70 individuals, most of whom were children.

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At the onset of the brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip, families fled to areas claimed by the Israeli Occupation to be safe, but these actually turned into gathering places for families. However, the desire to torment every Palestinian has driven the Occupation to target these crowded areas with displaced people brutally, resulting in the merciless killing of many innocents.

The Hamouda family faced a series of airstrikes by the “Israeli” Air Force in Khan Younis Camp and displacement areas within Gaza, between late October and the end of December 2023. These airstrikes resulted in the martyrdom of over 60 family members, the majority of whom were women and children.

There are countless others; such as the Nafar family, with 50 martyrs, including a four-month-old baby, the Shaheb family, which lost 44 lives, including 20 children, one of whom was a baby, and 26 women.

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There's the Malka family massacre, which claimed 26 lives; alongside the family of Palestinian writer Youssef Dweik with 27 martyrs from his family in Beit Lahia killed on October 14, 2024; the Naouq family lost 21 members; along with the Ghoul family with 48 martyrs.
The genocide records in Gaza are filled with names of families previously recorded in civil books, now listed as martyrs and missing, with thousands still unaccounted for, and rescue teams struggle to reach them due to lack of equipment and access to the targeted areas.

The repeated bombing of Palestinian family homes has led to the martyrdom and loss of dozens of individuals, with targets identified using advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence. This situation reflects a true tragedy in Gaza, where families are almost completely erased from existence, continuing amidst the condemnable silence of the international community.