Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza enters 200th day


Published: 2024-04-23 09:31

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 10:05

Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza enters 200th day
Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza enters 200th day

The ongoing Israeli Occupation's brutal actions in the Gaza Strip have now persisted for 200 consecutive days, marked by severe atrocities including genocide, starvation, abuse, displacement, and a profound humanitarian crisis.

Recently, three mass graves were discovered at the Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza, underscoring the magnitude of the tragedy.

Throughout these 200 days of aggression, Palestinians in the West Bank have consistently resisted the occupation through various means, including armed confrontations, general strikes, and individual acts of defiance against the injustices inflicted by the occupation and its settlers.

On this 200th day, the death toll continues to climb due to successive massacres perpetrated by the Israeli Occupation army in Gaza, particularly with the bombardment of homes in Rafah. The threat of invasion looms, further exacerbating the plight of over a million and a half displaced individuals from across the Strip.

Each passing minute during these 200 days has been marked by alarm, as Gazans endure destruction, displacement, epidemics, and the looming specter of famine, portraying a grim reality of lives being torn apart.

Despite Gaza's coastal location, the water crisis has deepened following the destruction of numerous wells and extensive networks, pushing the region to the brink, especially with rising temperatures exacerbating the situation.

The scenes of long queues for water mirror the crises in accessing medical care and food. While Gazans struggle against hunger, international decision-makers remain indecisive about whether the situation constitutes a full-blown famine.

In the midst of these dire circumstances, human rights organizations have fallen short in their duty to protect the most basic rights of Gazans, failing to prevent countless deaths despite the atrocities committed by the occupation forces.

Nevertheless, there remains a glimmer of hope for change and justice, as more people around the world reject Israeli Occupation narratives and stand in solidarity with the rights of Palestinians.

The toll of aggression continues to rise, with the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reporting a staggering number of casualties, including over 34,000 martyrs and 77,000 wounded since the start of the aggression last October. In the past 24 hours alone, six massacres by the Israeli Occupation Forces have resulted in the deaths of 54 individuals and injuries to 104 others.

Tragically, there are still victims trapped under rubble and on the streets, with rescue teams unable to reach them due to the ongoing violence and destruction.

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