Gaza death toll rises to 34,012


Published: 2024-04-19 17:48

Last Updated: 2024-06-16 21:18

Gaza death toll rises to 34,012
Gaza death toll rises to 34,012

Gaza Health Ministry reported that over the past day, there were four instances of violence by Israeli Occupation Forces resulting in the loss of 42 lives and injuring 63 individuals in Gaza.

This occurred amidst ongoing aggressive airstrikes in various areas of the region.

Since October 7, the total number of Palestinian casualties has reached 34,012 fatalities, with 76,833 individuals wounded, reflecting the prolonged aggression against Gaza, now spanning 196 days.

Rescue teams face challenges in reaching victims trapped in rubble or on roads due to ongoing attacks.

Regarding the Israeli Occupation Forces, they have acknowledged 604 fatalities since October 7, with 260 occurring since the ground operation commenced on October 27.

Additionally, 3,275 soldiers have been injured during the aggression, with 512 in serious condition, 865 moderately injured, and 1,899 with minor injuries, as per the occupation army’s official records.


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