Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza continues for 193rd day


Published: 2024-04-16 10:50

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 22:45

Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza continues for 193rd day
Israeli Occupation aggression on Gaza continues for 193rd day

The Israeli Occupation persists in its aggressive actions against the Gaza Strip for the 193rd consecutive day, marked by ongoing violence, casualties, and destruction resulting from indiscriminate bombings targeting civilians since October 7.

Regarding preparations for the Rafah evacuation, an Israeli Occupation military spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, stated that Defense Minister Yoav Galant discussed plans for evacuating civilians from Rafah in anticipation of a ground operation. Hagari also mentioned intentions to repair the Nafatim Air Base, which sustained four strikes.

Recent attacks included airstrikes on a mosque in Jabalia and the besieging of a school housing displaced people in Beit Hanoun.

Addressing recent events Tel Aviv authorities stated readiness to retaliate against Iranian missile strikes at an appropriate time and location.

An Israeli Occupation official reported Hamas' response to proposals for a prisoner exchange, noting the group's willingness to release approximately 20 Israeli Occupation detainees in exchange for a six-week ceasefire, half the initially proposed number. The official criticized Hamas for altering the terms of the agreement, including demands for additional prisoner releases and changes in criteria for detainees.

According to the official, Hamas divided the agreement into multiple phases and linked them together, insisting on international guarantees to end hostilities and the withdrawal of Israeli Occupation Forces from Gaza. The official accused Hamas of prolonging negotiations and escalating tensions rather than seeking a settlement and ceasefire.