Iran claims end of attack on Israeli Occupation but warns of strong response to threats


Published: 2024-04-14 10:54

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 17:42

Iran's Chief of Staff, Mohammad Bagheri
Iran's Chief of Staff, Mohammad Bagheri

Iran's Chief of Staff, Mohammad Bagheri, stated that Tehran's attack on Israeli Occupation on Saturday has concluded, expressing Iran's desire to cease further hostilities.

He warned, however, of a strong response if Israeli Occupation jeopardizes Iranian interests.

Bagheri also warned that if Washington engages in any assault on Iran, its regional bases will be targeted, posing a threat to its safety.

Bagheri highlighted that the attack resulted in the destruction of two significant Israeli Occupation military facilities, accusing Tel Aviv of crossing red lines by targeting the Iranian consulate in Syria, which necessitated a response.

Furthermore, Bagheri warned of a larger-scale operation if Israeli Occupation retaliates against Iran's actions.

Meanwhile, Major General Muhammad Ali Jafari, Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, affirmed that Iranian missiles and drones successfully penetrated the air defenses of Israeli Occupation.

He emphasized the precision of the operation, noting that the projectiles accurately hit their intended targets. Jafari underscored the operation's limited yet successful nature, targeting sites linked to the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria.