“Israel” claims Hamas “walking away from Gaza ceasefire deal”


Published: 2024-04-11 17:09

Last Updated: 2024-06-15 19:27

"Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (File photo: Reuters)
"Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (File photo: Reuters)

A statement by the office of the “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Thursday that Hamas keeps “walking away” from a deal that would secure a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, adding that negotiations are currently at a deadstop.

"There is a very reasonable offer on the table and Hamas keeps walking away," office spokesperson David Mencer told reporters, further claiming that international pressure on them was "helping Hamas".

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Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal reported that the director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) William J. Burns is in “direct contact with Hamas officials”.

Burns, despite Hamas being an officially designated foreign terror group by the United States, has presented the US’s proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza to officials from Qatar, Egypt, and Hamas in Cairo.

This unusual meeting exhibits the intensified efforts by the Joe Biden administration to lessen the humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip amidst international pressures exerted towards the United States to concede part of its support to “Israel” in its aggression against Gaza.

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