Seven children killed in bombing in Syria


Published: 2024-04-06 16:42

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 17:18

Seven children killed in bombing in Syria
Seven children killed in bombing in Syria

A report from a Roya correspondent, citing a source in the Daraa Police Command in southern Syria, stated that seven children were killed and two others, including a woman, were injured due to an explosive device planted by terrorists in the southern neighborhood of Al-Sanamayn city in the northern countryside of Daraa.

Prior to this incident, there were successive explosions heard near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Initial reports suggested that Syrian army units responded to marches and spy balloons near the Al-Fardous suburb.

Later, sources confirmed that Syrian defenses reacted to objects suspected to be drones or spy drones in the vicinity of the Damascus countryside.

These bombings occurred following the recent strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, amidst escalating tensions between the Israeli Occupation and Iran, which holds military influence in Syria.

In response to these developments, CNN reported an early warning issued by Washington to Tehran, cautioning against using the Tel Aviv attack in Damascus as justification for targeting American interests. The warning from the US State Department came after receiving a message from Iran.

CBS, citing American intelligence, reported Iran's planned retaliatory attack to the Israeli Occupation strike in Damascus, targeting the Iranian consulate and resulting in casualties among senior commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The planned response reportedly involves Shahed drones and cruise missiles, potentially targeting a diplomatic facility in Tel Aviv, with the timing expected before the end of Ramadan. The exact location of Iran's response remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Occupation heightened security measures, activating a GPS jamming system across occupied Palestinian territories, in anticipation of any retaliatory actions from Iran, including drone and missile attacks.

The attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which occurred last Monday, was attributed to Israeli Occupation by unnamed officials quoted by The New York Times. Hezbollah warned of consequences for the killing of senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders, vowing retribution against the Israeli Occupation.