What will weather be like on Ramadan's last Friday?


Published: 2024-04-04 16:16

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 22:17

Abdoun Bridge in Amman
Abdoun Bridge in Amman

The latest weather updates suggest that weather on Thursday night will range from pleasant to relatively cold across all regions, accompanied by gentle to moderate westerly winds.

Looking ahead to Friday, there's a projected slight decrease in temperatures, with the weather expected to be mild to warm, reminiscent of spring, across various regions.

Moderate northwesterly winds are anticipated, becoming more active in the afternoon and potentially stirring up dust in desert areas and along roads.

As a precaution, Arabia Weather website has issued a warning for potential dust disturbances in the afternoon, particularly on desert routes.

During the night, temperatures are forecasted to cool down to relatively cold levels overall. Compared to previous nights, there may be low clouds in some areas, accompanied by light to moderate northwesterly winds.