“Israeli” drone strike kills two in South Lebanon


Published: 2024-03-13 11:38

Last Updated: 2024-04-17 21:36

“Israeli” drone strike kills two in South Lebanon
“Israeli” drone strike kills two in South Lebanon

An “Israeli” drone targeted a car in the "Al-Hosh" area south of the city of Tyre, Lebanon, on Wednesday - Two people were killed, and another was injured, according to initial reports from Lebanese media.

The strike, which took place outside the Palestinian camp of Rashidieh outside the city of Tyre killed both passengers inside, three Lebanese security sources told Reuters.

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has taken responsibility for the strike - the target was a senior Hamas operative, Hadi Mustafa.

“[We] will continue to act against the Hamas terror organization in every arena in which it operates,” the IOF added in its statement.

Lebanese Foreign Minister, Abdullah Bou Habib, stated earlier that Beirut would file a complaint against the Israeli occupation in the United Nations Security Council for targeting civilians.

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