Gaza endures 150 days of Israeli Occupation aggression


Published: 2024-03-04 09:27

Last Updated: 2024-04-17 15:18

Palestinians find bread under rubble
Palestinians find bread under rubble

It has been 150 days since the Gaza Strip endured its bloodiest and most brutal assault, leaving its people grappling with famine and malnutrition.

Adequate aid is denied entry, and those attempting to acquire basic necessities face deadly risks, reinforcing the grim reality of "flour dipped in blood."

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Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, condemned the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) for responding to hunger in northern Gaza with violence and genocide. He highlighted a recent massacre at the Kuwaiti roundabout in Gaza, resulting in numerous casualties.

Al-Qudra emphasized the systematic genocide crimes committed by the IOF, particularly targeting the vulnerable population in northern Gaza.

The occupation persists in targeting Palestinians seeking food, subjecting them to a harrowing ordeal of extermination, starvation, and deprivation.

Amnesty International has urged for an urgent investigation into the deaths and injuries inflicted by Israeli Occupation Forces on Palestinians while obtaining food, emphasizing the necessity of uncovering the truth behind these atrocities.

- Death toll -

The toll of the aggression on the Gaza Strip has reached alarming figures, with 30,410 martyrs and 71,700 injuries reported since October 7, according to the latest statistics from the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Gaza Health reported nine massacres against families in the past 24 hours alone, resulting in 90 fatalities and 177 injuries. Despite ongoing rescue efforts, victims remain trapped under rubble and obstructed by the occupation's interference with ambulance and civil defense crews.