Landslide kills 47 people in China


Published: 2024-01-22 09:51

Last Updated: 2024-02-25 04:47

Landslide kills 47 people in China
Landslide kills 47 people in China

Forty-seven people died Monday, with 18 families buried under the rubble in the Guizhou Province in southwest China due to a landslide, as announced by CCTV channel.

More than 200 people were urgently evacuated from the affected area, as rescue teams, along with dozens of fire trucks and other equipment, rushed to the scene.

It is worth noting that landslides are common in the remote mountainous region of Guizhou in China, which borders the steep slopes of the Himalayas.

China has witnessed a series of natural disasters in recent months, some of which were triggered by severe weather events. More than 20 people lost their lives when heavy rains caused a landslide near the northern city of Xi'an in August.

In June, a landslide in the southwestern province of Sichuan resulted in the death of 19 people.