'Peace and occupation cannot coexist': Safadi


Published: 2023-11-29 21:17

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 18:29

'Peace and occupation cannot coexist': Safadi
'Peace and occupation cannot coexist': Safadi

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi, speaking infront of the United Nations Security Council, stated that the Israeli Occupation considers the silence of the Security Council as cover for its crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Safadi addressed the Council on Wednesday, and emphasised that the aggression of the Israeli Occupation on the Gaza has become more ferocious and barbaric.

“Those who want to protect their people do not steal the lives of others and arm settlers, reaffirming that the occupation of the Palestinian land is the root cause of the conflict.

“The only path to security and peace is the removal of the Occupation,” he added, further noting that the Arab world has presented a comprehensive peace proposal, but the occupation has rejected peace initiatives. “ًWhat has it done other than reinforce the Occupation?”

Addressing the members of the UN Security Council, Safadi stated, "All of you support the two-state solution, which means, by definition, of the end of the occupation."

“The Israeli occupation has thwarted peace efforts over the past thirty years…The Occupation and peace are two opposites that cannot coexist...the Occupation of the Palestinian land is the root of evil in the entire region.”