Two-day extension of truce: Developments in 53rd day of siege on Gaza


Published: 2023-11-28 09:29

Last Updated: 2024-02-26 08:01

Two-day extension of truce: Developments in 53rd day of siege on Gaza
Two-day extension of truce: Developments in 53rd day of siege on Gaza

Israeli Occupation aggression against Gaza continues into its 53rd day, coinciding with a two-day extension of the humanitarian truce in the region.

Hamas has confirmed that the extension will adhere to the same conditions as the previous truce. As part of ongoing mediation efforts, Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced an agreement to extend the humanitarian truce for an additional two days in Gaza.

The four-day humanitarian truce, effective from November 24, 2023, encompasses provisions such as the exchange of detainees held by Hamas and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Occupation prisons, along with the facilitation of aid throughout Gaza.

In the context of this truce, the Israeli Occupation authorities released the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners in an exchange deal with Hamas, including 30 children and three Palestinian women detainees, in return for the release of 11 captives in Gaza.

Operation Aqsa Typhoon was initiated by the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, on Oct. 7, in response to Israeli Occupation violations in the occupied Palestinian territories. Concurrently, the Israeli Occupation launched a military operation named "Iron Sword" and conducted intense raids in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

Latest developments:

  • 260 Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank during the four-day truce.
  • Israeli Occupation tanks targeted areas in Gaza with gunfire.
  • Hebrew media reports the release of captives with Israeli citizenship in the fifth batch.
  • The Pentagon reveals discussions between the Minister of Defense and Gallant on the temporary cessation of operations in Gaza.
  • A cyber attack disrupts communication services in Tel Aviv.
  • The liberation of Palestinian prisoners exposes the Occupation's criminality within prisons.
  • 33 Palestinian prisoners, part of the fourth batch in the exchange agreement, gain freedom.
  • The release of the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners is intentionally delayed by the occupation.
  • Child prisoner Nofotha Hammad experiences freedom outside the walls of Israeli Occupation prisons.
  • Hebrew media reports Tel Aviv government approval to add 50 Palestinian detainees for release.
  • Hebrew Broadcasting Corporation notes the extension of the detention of Al-Shifa Hospital's director in Gaza for 45 days.
  • Al-Qassam displays scenes from the delivery of the fourth batch of captives.
  • Netanyahu states the continuation of the main war goal is to complete the elimination of Hamas.
  • Hebrew media publishes pictures of detainees set to be released from Gaza.
  • Israeli Occupation army asserts the necessity to return all captives, whether through agreement or war.