Two journalists martyred in Lebanon after direct strike by 'Israeli drone'


Published: 2023-11-21 13:52

Last Updated: 2024-06-13 01:13

Two journalists martyred in Lebanon after direct strike by 'Israeli drone'
Two journalists martyred in Lebanon after direct strike by 'Israeli drone'

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have directly targeted a gathering of journalists in the Jibbain area in the western sector of southern Lebanon with two missiles using a drone, per Roya’s correspondent.

Journalist Farah Omar and cameraman Rabih Maamari from Al Mayadeen channel were martyred due to the airstrike near Tair Harfa in the Jibbain area, 1.5 kilometres from the border with the Occupied territories. A civilian was also injured in the strike.

Farah, 24, and cameraman Rabih were targeted one hour after ending a live broadcast on Al-Mayadeen TV, delivering the latest updates on the IOF’s bombing of South Lebanon.

Farah, along with her colleagues, were reporting the clashes live from the frontlines in southern Lebanon.

Farah and Al-Maydeen's martyred crew were in close proximity from "Hadab Al-Bostan," an IOF site which Hezbollah struck less than an hour from the time of reporting.

The site can be directly seen in the background of Farah's last message on air - reporting dutifully on the latest skirmishes between Hezbollah and the IOF by the minute.

Farah's latest post on social media was a picture with her collegue Ahmad Dgheim taken on the Lebanese border, the picture was captioned "Standing still in the South," in a demonstration of the active war zone on the border since October 7.

Farah was a News Editor/Reporter at Al-Mayadeen since February 2021, in addition to presenting many segments on air. She also worked as an Editor at the National News Agency of Lebanon.

Ghassan bin Jiddo, the chairman of the board of Al Mayadeen network stated, "The Israeli Occupation deliberately and directly targeted our colleagues Farah Omar and Rabih Maamari, along with those accompanying them."ِ

At least 50 journalists and media personnel have been killed on the hands of the IOF’s strikes since the conflict on October 7.

The border area between Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories is witnessing periodic confrontations between Hezbollah and the IOF in conjunction with the ongoing aggression by the IOF on the Gaza Strip.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, launched Operation Aqsa Typhoon on Oct. 7 in response to the Israeli Occupation's violations in the occupied Palestinian territories, which have been ongoing for decades.