China opposes forced displacement of Palestinians


Published: 2023-11-21 13:43

Last Updated: 2024-06-20 10:04

China opposes forced displacement of Palestinians
China opposes forced displacement of Palestinians

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated Monday that “any arrangement concerning the future and destiny of Palestine must be based on the consent of the Palestinian people and accommodate the legitimate concerns of regional countries."

“China opposes any forced displacement and relocation of Palestinian civilians,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated.

Yi declared yesterday, during a meeting with a group of Arab and Muslim foreign ministers, the urgent need to take action to end the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip and to take effective measures to achieve that.

“A ceasefire is no longer a diplomatic rhetoric, but a matter of life and death for the people of Gaza,” Yi added, in a meeting with foreign ministers from key member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) such as Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt and Jordan.

He added that China strongly adheres to justice and fairness since the outbreak of the Israeli Occupation's aggression against Gaza, and has called for de-escalation, the protection of civilians, and the provision of urgent humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron agreed on the necessity to avoid the deterioration of the situation in the Gaza Strip in a phone call earlier on Monday.