National earthquake drill 'Safety Path 3' commences


Published: 2023-09-18 10:18

Last Updated: 2023-09-24 16:53

National earthquake drill 'Safety Path 3' commences
National earthquake drill 'Safety Path 3' commences

The two-day national earthquake drill, known as "Safety Path 3," has been launched to evaluate the readiness and preparedness of both public and private institutions in dealing with earthquakes and their aftermath.

Sirens could be heard Monday morning as the dill started in the Kingdom.

As part of this exercise, evacuation practices began and participating agencies have set up shelters for displaced individuals along the airport route, simulating a hypothetical earthquake.

-Aim of "Safety Path 3"-

The drill, organized by Jordan's National Center for Security and Crisis Management, aims to assess the nation's capabilities in response and rescue operations.

It also involves ensuring the functionality of vital infrastructure, as well as the mechanisms for receiving and distributing aid.

Additionally, the exercise encompasses updating relevant databases and handling awareness messages promptly in the event of an earthquake, ensuring the continuity of daily life during and after such an event.

The drill includes evacuation procedures, search and rescue operations, facility closures, alarm systems activation, and the deployment of security personnel in various areas.