Work hours during 'Safety Path 3' earthquake exercise revealed


Published: 2023-09-16 13:47

Last Updated: 2024-06-17 16:18

Work hours during 'Safety Path 3' earthquake exercise revealed
Work hours during 'Safety Path 3' earthquake exercise revealed

Jordanians expessed their curiousity about whether there will be any changes to working hours for public institutions or schools during the "Safety Path 3" national exercise, which simulates an earthquake and involves evacuating vital facilities, including schools.

However, the Director of the Media Response Unit at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, Dr. Ahmed Al-Naimat, confirmed that there will be no disruption to daily life during the exercise. He emphasized that reports about changes to working hours for institutions or schools due to the exercise are unfounded.

The "Safety Path 3" exercise will simulate a strong earthquake scenario, including the evacuation of areas with explosive materials and schools for approximately half an hour, equivalent to one class session. These exercises will primarily focus on central and southern regions and test sub-plans derived from the national earthquake plan across various governorates.

While the likelihood of a strong earthquake occurring in Jordan is low, the exercise serves as a preparedness measure. It is accompanied by a nationwide mobilization to assess the response speed and efficiency of relevant agencies in dealing with potential earthquakes and natural disasters.

The exercise involves sirens installed in urban areas to simulate building collapses in selected locations, particularly focusing on around 40,000 buildings constructed in Jordan before 1984, which are considered potential weak points due to their age and non-compliance with earthquake-resistant construction standards.