Source explains reason behind TikTok's brief return in Jordan


Published: 2023-09-16 11:54

Last Updated: 2023-09-26 04:32

Source explains reason behind TikTok's brief return in Jordan
Source explains reason behind TikTok's brief return in Jordan

The TikTok app briefly resumed its operations in Jordan on Friday, months after being banned by the government. This unexpected move caused a stir among users and activists on social media platforms.

Reports from social media users suggested that TikTok services had been restored on some devices using specific telecommunications company lines in Jordan, without the need for a VPN.

However, this brief return to normalcy was short-lived, as the app was once again completely blocked just hours after resuming service. Users subsequently resorted to VPN services to access the app.

According to a source cited by Roya, this sudden reappearance of TikTok was attributed to a technical glitch, which the relevant telecommunications company vowed to promptly rectify.

The ban on TikTok in Jordan was originally imposed on December 16th of the previous year due to concerns about the dissemination of content that could incite chaos and unrest.

The government's decision to ban the app was in line with broader efforts in the region to regulate social media platforms. In June of the same year, the Council of Arab Information Ministers, during its fifty-third regular session in Rabat, Morocco, approved a unified Arab strategy for dealing with international media companies, including social media platforms.

The strategy outlined commitments for these companies, such as providing clear channels for reporting illegal content, offering legal representation in Arab countries, and responding to complaints about content. It also aimed to empower users and civil society groups to verify content management on digital platforms and prevent repeat offenders from using these platforms.

The illegal content targeted by the strategy included fake news, disinformation campaigns, efforts to influence democratic processes, and the promotion of prohibited institutions. The goal was to maintain societal peace and prevent threats to state security.

Jordan's Minister of Government Communications, Faisal Al-Shaboul, had previously expressed the government's commitment to an open social media policy while addressing issues related to cybersecurity and the responsible use of online platforms.