Macron comments on Morocco’s rejection of France aid


Published: 2023-09-13 15:06

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 14:12

Macron comments on Morocco’s rejection of France aid
Macron comments on Morocco’s rejection of France aid

In a video message directed at the Moroccan people, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke out against unnecessary "hostility" surrounding the bilateral relationship between France and Morocco, according to AFP.

He expressed France's readiness to provide humanitarian assistance to Morocco in the wake of a devastating earthquake near the Marrakech region. However, Rabat has not yet accepted the aid offered by Paris.

President Macron's message, posted on social media, said, “ I've seen a lot of controversy over the last few days, and there's no need for it. We are there, we can provide direct humanitarian aid.”

He added, “It is obviously up to His Majesty the King and the Government of Morocco, in a fully sovereign manner, to organize international aid. And so we are at the disposal of their sovereign choice.”

Macron urged for the cessation of divisive controversies, emphasizing the need for unity and solidarity during this tragic period, saying, “I would like all the polemics that divide and complicate matters at this time, which is already so tragic, to be silenced, out of respect for everyone. We are at your side today. We are also at your side by funding the associations that have been working on the ground since day one, and we will continue to do so. I'll be seeing them myself in a few days' time.”

“And we will be there for the long term, on the humanitarian front, on the medical front, for reconstruction, for cultural and heritage aid, in all areas where the Moroccan people and their authorities consider that we are useful. We are at your side, today and tomorrow.”